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Excursion to the Great Crater

A climb to the Great Crater Volcano is a must see for anyone who goes on vacation to the islands. A volcanic landscape immersed in a special atmosphere, characterized by green scented broom that make a striking contrast to the fumaroles, black rocks and ash wastes.

You will need
: hiking boots (in running alternative), a hat, sunscreen (especially if you have a fair complexion), 1 liter of water, tissues.

The route is simple, and this is bound to all visitors, not only for experienced hikers. The total duration is about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Starting from the Porto Levante, continue on foot for a few minutes, in the direction Plan, up to the point where the climb begins. From here, along with one of the guides, start your excursion through a path from the sandy bottom, in which stand out by contrast the lush broom.

The climb goes on, and the sandy bottom gives way to argillacei tuffs and reddish. As you increase the height, The landscape becomes more and more suggestive .

But in addition to the stunning view, walking along the climb to the crater we find ourselves in a rugged landscape, almost surreal, between the tuffs, Black Obsidian, the ” volcanic bombs “, the yellow sulfur crystals and fumaroles , which are the only visible evidence of volcanic activity after the last eruption, which occurred in 1888-1890.

At the end of the climb you reach the Great Crater of the pit, a broad depression with a diameter of about 500 meters that draws moon setting. Here, at a height of 391 meters, the view really is breathtaking: the view embraces the entire Aeolian archipelago (Lipari, Panarea, Salina, Stromboli, Alicudi and Filicudi).

It's important to know:

- dale fumarole gases are harmful.
- the temperature near the fumaroles are very high and must wear appropriate footwear to prevent sunburn.
- the metallicici objects get ruined in contact with fumarole gas.
- not fall completely within the crater; there may be hazardous concentrations of carbon dioxide.

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