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Walking route

The climb on the Stromboli is an exciting and rewarding experience for all those who love nature. It presents some difficulties, but with a bit of organization, can be addressed by all. Here’s some information to climb the volcano Stromboli.

Organise Trekking

Should book in advance at one of the island’s agencies (*), the cost is equal to the book on site, but you are assured of having the place, which however is not obvious if you turn up there the same day , especially in high season or if it will go specifically from another island. It costs about 30 € and the indicated period is Spring-Summer.

What to bring

The agency will provide you with one stick, helmet (to be put near the crater), a dust mask and goggles (for the descent). You bring: hiking boots, flashlight preferable to those to be put on his head, fleece and rain jacket, t-shirt parts, but long light trousers, backpack, fruit, sandwiches, chocolate and lots of water. If you forget something, the shops of the island renting anything.


It starts from the main square in the late afternoon and go up to 3.2 hours depending on who you have as a group. The climb is steep, but you make a lot of stops and route both views are very beautiful. Once at the top you will change because all sweaty and we hide because it is dark and you are a thousand meters. You eat your food and then you’re an hour admiring the volcano’s vents that spew fire, lava and thunder. Wonderful! Then it’s back down into complete darkness interspersed with an incredibly starry sky. The descent is difficult, hour and a half long canyons of stone and gravel and then of sand and dust. It ends around 23.

Per informazioni e prenotazioni :
tel. 0909865768 – 368675573

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