Lo Nardo Accommodation


Where is the structure?
The vico ulisse property is located just three minutes walk from the main street .just reaches 5 minutes walk from the port of Sottomonastero (ships and hydrofoils) through via Vittorio Emanuele or climbing the famous steps leading to the historical and archaeological museum Aeolian islands just 4 minutes from the bus stop that allows you to reach the beaches of Marina Lunga hotel is located opposite the beautiful scenery of the island Marina

How far is the beach?
The nearest beach is just 4 km away (Canneto) otherwise just 1km you can find the small Portinente beach. In addition, the hotel has arrangements with the best beach clubs offering a shuttle service just a few minutes away

Are there restaurants or bars close?
As the structure in the center of Lipari you can find many typical restaurants and bars, the hotel also has an agreement with a bar to have breakfast on the loose and the best restaurants on the island.

Is the structure in a quiet place?
The property is located in a fairly quiet air.

Are there parking Neighbors?
Near the hotel you can find both, public and private parking.

Do you accept credit cards?
The resort accepts Visa-Mastercard-Pagobancomat

What extra services the structure provide?
The structure has the ability to be able to organize boat trips to other islands or charter boats, scooters and cars.

There is the internet connection?
The hotel offers wireless connection.