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  LO NARDO MARIA SOCIETA’ COOPERATIVA- P.IVA:03442810838     DATA DI INCASSO     SOGGETTO EROGATORE CAUSALE (ad esempio, liberalità o contributo su un progetto specifico)   SOMMA INCASSATA 20.11.2020   Banca del Mezzogiorno medio credito centrale spa FINANZIAMENTO LIQUIDITA’ 26.300,00 22/12/2020   Agenzia entrate AGEVOLAZIONE FISCALE 491,00 28/12/2020  […]

Is it worth visiting the Aeolian Islands out of season? Surely you have to evaluate several factors one of these must be the wind. Normally among the Aeolian Islands the one that hardly remains less isolated is Lipari (the largest), the one that in addition to providing territorial security is[…]

When will you able to travel again?

No fear in a while you will return to travel, and the favorite destinations are places like the Aeolian Islands .. A place of tranquility, where you can spend days of sun, sea and long walks surrounded by greenery. The Aeolian Islands are definitely the place to choose to spend[…]


Stromboli remains under special surveillance after the latest “explosions”. In these days, in fact, confirms the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, the volcano of the Aeolian archipelago called by the locals ‘Iddu’ – ‘Lui’ – has shown itself to be “rather angry”, generating two eruptive events that can be[…]

“Chiesa Vecchia” Beautiful place to visit if you come to Lipari

The Sanctuary of the Old Church, original name of the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Catena, is the only sanctuary on the island of Lipari. Dedicated to Maria SS. della Catena, it seems to date back to 1588. The building stands out for its whiteness between the blue of the[…]

Aeolian Islands in September

The aeolian islands are a place where magic hasn’t disappeared yet. A place where you can lost or find yourself, depending on where in your life you are. Forget about noise, chaos, rush and embrace a peacefull calm fullfilled by lazy cats, happy bees, vivid colors. Be prepared to face[…]