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Do You know that the Aeolian islands are not 7?

Yes, that’s right., The Aeolian Islands are part of a very complex geological complex, the Aeolian Arch, which originated from the Pleistocene (1.3 million years ago) due to crustal fractures and ascent of magmas of profound origin, due to the collision between the African and Eurasian plates. In addition to the islands, the Arch also includes 6 submerged volcanoes: Sisifo, Enarete, Eolo, Lametini, Alcione and Palinuro. The Aeolian emerged represent the subaerean part of larger apparatuses, which rise from deep seabed up to 2000 m. The archipelago is divided into 3 sectors, which reflect the orientation of the tectonic systems and the corresponding faults. Their magmas have a high content of silica and a high water content; the composition varies because there are distinct conduits that feed at different depths. The eruptions are both effusive and explosive; these are caused by the release of enormous quantities of gas, but above all by the contact between magma and sea water.